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BPA has earned a stellar reputation as a leader in baseball instruction over the years, but our specialty niche is College Placement. We have helped place over 30 High School athletes in the last 3 years into a variety of Division-1 schools and some of our players have been drafted straight to professional baseball. Deciding what college to attend is the biggest decisions a young High School player has to make in their lives. We are here to help facilitate that decision making process. There are many factors to consider when choosing the right school; from academics, geographic location, conference, division, coaching staff, style of play, and many others. Our program helps players and parents navigate through the maze of factors, and helps narrow down the right fit for the player.

Our College Development Program is ideal for High School players that want to further develop their skills and play college baseball. We will help train, coach, and mentor our players on and off the field through rigorous instructional field practices, strength and conditioning workouts, and hitting practices. Players will be given the opportunity to play at selected College Showcases and Elite Tournaments as they progress through our system and are evaluated by our coaching staff.

Events We Attend and Hold:  BPA will be hosted at colleges through out the country. Dates will be posted ASAP. These event are held between August-November between our tournament schedule. Here are the schools we played at over the past few years. When we play at these schools more than likely there are smaller schools that come to watch as well.

  • Cal Pol SLO

  • Pepperdine

  • SDSU

  • Utah

  • BYU

  • Seattle U

  • Washington

  • Gonzaga

  • Oklahoma

  • TCU

  • Baylor

  • Oklahoma St

  • UNLV

  • San Jose St

  • Cal

  • USC

  • UCLA

  • Mississippi St

  • USD

  • UCSD

BPA Showcase on June 3rd (for BPA players only. 12 schools in attendance last year)

College Commitments

College Commitments – BPA Success Stories!

BPA Players 2021 College Commitments:

Tyler Stewart- CSU Sacramento

BPA Players 2020 College Commitments:

Jared Jones- University Of Texas

Emilio Corona- University of Washington

Drake Digiorno- CSU Sacramento

Nic Gregson- UC San Diego

Petey Haplin- University Of Texas

Aiden Kidd- New Jersey institute of Technology 

Nick Naccarato- University of San Francisco

Joshua Nam- Columbia University

Thomas Napolitano- CSU San Bernardino

Blake Pivaroff- ASU

Aaron Rice- CSU Northridge

Alberto Rios- Stanford 

Joey Schott- Baylor College

Luke Sterner- BYU

Noah Turley- University of Utah

Chase Walter- Cal Poly

BPA Players 2019 College Commitments:

Brett Graber- Southeastern Missouri State

ASU Cooper Benson- San Luis Opisbo HS
Univ. of Arizona Hunter Cranton – Mater Dei HS
Univ. of Arizona Dutch Landis – Bishop Gorman HS
Vanderbilt Tony Jacob- Sagus HS
Vanderbilt CJ Rodriguez – Mater Dei HS
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Ryan Flaherty- Tesoro HS
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Brooks Lee – San Luis Opisbo HS
BYU Cutter Clawson- Laguna Beach HS

BPA Players 2018 College Commitments:

USC Preston Hartsell- Corona Del Mar HS
BYU Jack Sterner- Dana Hills HS
Univ. of Oregon Max Foxcroft- Mater Dei HS

BPA Players 2017 College Commitments:

UCLA Hagen Danner – Huntington Beach HS
UC San Diego Evan Ianniciello – San Marcos HS
UC San Diego Zander Corbin – San Marcos HS
San Diego State Isaiah Parrah
San Diego State Noah Fluman
Vassar College Tanner Blough — Sage Creek HS 
Vanderbilt Jayson Gonzales – Bishop Lamat HS
TCU RJ Lan – La Mirada HS
UC Irvine Jake Palmer – El Segundo HS
UC Santa Barbara Reece Weinberg – Chaminade HS
Gonzaga University Carsen Negrete – El Toro HS
USC Nick Pratto – Mater Dei HS
USC Hans Crouse – Dana Hills HS
Auburn Jack Owen – JSerra HS
Cal State Fullerton Tyler Lasch
Cal State Fullerton Brett Borgono – Chino Hills HS
Air Force Academy Wyatt Boone – J Serra HS
Seattle University Jarrod Billig – Bishop Gormon HS (NV)
California Sam Cachola
Utah Demitri Colacchio – Aliso Niguel HS
Colorado Mesa University Nick Anz
Concordia University (Nebraska) Harrison Humberstone — Sage Creek HS

BPA Alumni:


Class of 2016

Domenic Fletcher – Cypress HS (Arkansas)
David Clawson – Mater Dei HS (BYU)
Reed LaBar – La Costa Canyon (Cal State San Marcos)
Griffin Teisher – La Costa Canyon (Cal State San Marcos)
Bryson Spagnuolo – Fallbrook HS (Santa Clara)
Nick Scheidler – La Costa Canyon HS (UCLA)
Josh Stephens – Mater Dei HS (USC)
Austin Merril – La Costa Canyon HS (Chapman University)


Class of 2015
Ethan Abrams– La Costa Canyon HS (Columbia University)
Kolby Allard – San Clemente HS (UCLA)
Jake Pries – JSerra HS (UCLA)
Brandon Perez – Mater Dei HS (Univ. of Oregon)
Merrick Crouse – Dana Hills HS (Univ of San Francisco)
Blake Burton – Mater Dei HS (Univ. of Washington)

Dallas Tesser – Chaminade HS (Univ. of Washington)
Quentin Longrie – JSerra HS (USC)


Class of 2014
John Balliett – Mission Veijo HS (Cal Poly SLO)
Kent Burckle – San Clemente HS (LMU)
Dale Burick – (Mississippi State)
Chase Calabuig – Capo Valley HS (San Diego State)
Griffin Canning – Santa Margarita HS (UCLA)
JJ Carr – Santa Margarita HS (Univ of Cincinnati)
Parker Coss – Capo Valley Christian (UC Irvine)
Aaron Dominguez – Chino Hills HS (Mississippi State)
Izzy Fuentes – Chino Hills HS (San Diego State)
Preston Gran Pre – Laguna Beach HS (Cal Berkeley)
Sean Grebeck – Mission Viejo HS (UNC Ashville)
Daniel Harris – Capo Valley HS (San Jose State)
Cooper Herrera – Mission Viejo HS (UCSD)
Tylor Megill – Los Alamitos HS (LMU)
Parker Joe Robinson – JSerra HS (Univ of Texas)
Matt Ruff – Valencia HS (Cal Berkeley)
Anthony Sommers – Aliso Niguel HS (UCSD)
Shane Timmons – Capo Valley HS (San Jose State)
Jarred Zill – Capo Valley HS (Cal Poly SLO)


Class of 2013
Tyler Adkison – Mater Dei HS (San Diego State)
Jonah Arenado (San Francisco Giants)
Aaron Barnett – Capo Valley HS (Pepperdine)
Daniel Caresio – San Clemente HS (Sonoma State)
Gavin Collins – El Toro HS (Mississippi State)
JP Crawford (USC / Philadelphia Phillies)
David Fletcher – Cypress HS (Loyola Marymount)
Steven Garrett – Temecula Valley HS (UCSD)
Austin Grebeck – Mater Dei HS (Oregon)
Tyler Howsley – Capo Valley HS (UCSD)
Dan James – El Toro HS (Oregon State)
Carter Johnson – La Costa Canyon HS (San Jose State)
Jack Larsen – Capo Valley HS (UCSD)
Ryan McMahon – Mater Dei HS (USC / Colorado Rockies)
Tyler Mildenberg – Marina HS (Oregon State)
Matt Moriarty – Capo Valley HS (New Mexico)
Nathaniel Patton – Tesoro HS (Univ of Arizona)
Billy Roth – Vista HS (Univ of Arizona / Pittsburgh Pirates)
Davis Tominaga – Mater Dei HS (Portland)
Kevin Wade – Trabuco Hills HS (Portland)


Class of 2012
Brett Barker – Aliso Niguel HS (UC Irvine)
Ryan Barr – Mater Dei HS (Portland University)
Nico Darras – JSerra HS (Cal State Fullerton)
Alex DeGoti – Belan Prep (Cal State Long Beach)
Chase DeJong – LB Wilson HS (USC / Toronto Blue Jays)
Thomas Eshelman -Carlsbad HS (CS Fullerton)
Kyle Mellinger – Calvary Chapel HS (Wheaton College)
Aaron Porter – La Habra HS (UCLA)
Dallas Porter – Mission Viejo HS (IVC / South Alabama)
Chase Radan – Mater Dei HS (UCLA)
Grady Sanchez Capo Valley HS (UCSD)
Jake Schulz – La Costa Canyon HS (Cal Berkeley)
Steven Trojan – Capo Valley HS (Air Force Academy)
Jack Teah – JSerra HS
Shane Watson – Lakewood HS (USC / Philadelphia Phillies)
Zack Williams -Valencia HS (UC Davis / Cal Poly Pomona)
Jeremy Witt – Santa Margarita HS (Penn)


Class of 2011
Domenic Ficecello – Fullerton HS (University of Arkansas)
Brett Hammond – El Toro HS (CS Monterey Bay)
Kyle Hunt – Capo Valley HS (Univ Nevada Reno)
Eric Hsieh -Dana Hills HS (Yale)
Willie Kuhl – Mission Viejo HS (Cal State Fullerton)
Trevor MeGill – Marina HS (Loyola Marymount)
Kevin Muno – Mission Viejo HS (San Diego State)
Chris Paul – Tesoro HS (Cal Berkley)
Kris Paulino – Tesoro HS (UC Irvine)
Aaron Payne – San Clemente HS (University of Oregon)
Braden Peters – Tesoro HS (San Diego State)
Reid Reilly – JSerra HS (Cal Poly San Luis Obispo)
Austin Saenz – Mission Viejo HS (Dallas Baptist)
Connor Spencer – Tesoro HS (UC Irvine)

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